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PostSubject: Leafstream*   Leafstream* I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 25, 2008 10:27 am


fur:calico: creamy, white, and brown

eyes:sparkling blue


history:Leafstream lived near the area in a barn. She took in cats who were traveling that needed rest and food before they began their trek again. She once took in a cat that told her about a tribe and how they were growning. Leafstream often felt lonley whenever cats didn't stay in the barn, so she decided to leave her comfortable life and join the tribe.

personality: Caring, can take care of herself, loyal to whatever she puts her heart to.

strengths: very intelligent, makes wise decisions.

weaknesses: Needs to roughen up a bit.

rank: wants to be an herb cat or a defender

other: Once she arrives, she teaches Darkfang how to love again


clan: Golden Brook Tribe

gender: female
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fur, eyes, markings:: orange brown and white: green : see pic.

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